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Silver Sail

July 12, 2019

Silver Sail Demo

Silver Sail’s first release is aptly called Demo, on which the four-piece post-punk/rock band opens up the with the dream pop esque Saint Viv. This is followed by the commercial sounding I Heard Those Old Moves are Coming Back (Old Moves for short) and Crawler, which is reminiscent of the Sex Pistols sound. The EP wraps up with Sonic, in which the band clearly demonstrates their love for the 70s New York City art rock sound (ie Velvet Underground, Television and the Strokes).

Compared to the likes of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis or the Strokes’s Julian Casablancas, Tony Pisaneschi’s wide range of vocal ability and lyricism tells stories of lonliness and the challenges of modern-day life.

The four song, 12 minute release has had already some local radio play this year with Saint Viv being featured on WKQX’s indie Sunday show Demo 312. This hints that there are bigger and better things to come for the four piece and so we shall see.

Silver Sail is Tony Pisaneschi - Vocals, Jason McCormick - Guitar, Andrew Zdunek - Bass and Steve Ramsey - Drums

Andrew Zdunek

Written by Andrew Zdunek who lives and works in Chicago. Follow me on Facebook